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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2006|05:05 pm]
[ |aggravatedaggravated]
[ |Pure Imagination- Ford Ft. Jori]


Nothing really happened today so there's no use in going through the whole day in a nice, long entry as I usually do.

I finished Alice in Wonderland yesterday, but sadly I didn't read today because I forgot to bring my book to school. ): Only thing that really bothered me today was this asshole Sarah girl, you know, if you actually read the last entry, the girl I seriously hate.
(See the "Lunch" part of my last entry xD)

Well anyways, we were jump roping during lunch, and what she did wasn't some huge thing, but it made me think why me, and every single other person at school thinks she's an asshat.
So, Anna called to go after the next person jump roping, while the whole time Sarah was just standing there watching. Now, Sarah has jump roped multiple times, while Anna has only jumped about once or twice. So when the person is done, Anna walked in, and Sarah got all pissy about how it was her turn. (though she never clearly stated so, and besides, Anna asked first.) So they get in a little quarrel, and then everyone else throws their little two cents in defending Anna, (because she was clearly the next one) and Anna started jumping, but asshat Sarah just haaad to have it her way, so she decides to screw Anna up by smacking down on the jump rope while she's doing it.

It doesn't seem much, but there is other crap she's done to us before too.

And I just thought I would mention this because it's a rather funny little fact.

-Sarah shits in pools~ That's exactly where the disliking began, and though we treated her very nicely until the end of last year until we absolutely could not stand it. We all ended up telling her how much we seriously hate her. -.-; It felt really good. This year she still talks to us, because she said sorry, but she's still an asshat, and we still hate her. A lot.

I think Sarah is the only girl I can seriously rant about for a whole entire entry on lj. Sami I probably could, but I don't really hate her. She just bugs me alot because of her boyfriends, but she's still pretty nice....but, god, she needs to stop bugging me to help her with her math homework she doesn't finish when she has it for homework. -.-;

(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2006|04:31 pm]
[ |blankblank]

I can't remember much from today (I'm so stupid xD) So I'll just skin through my day subject by subject.

Read. That's it.

The teacher made a few funny cracks, but other than that, Johnathan, a.k.a stupid show-offy I think I'm so smart nerd, is always showing off, always interrupting people, and always laughing like a retard. X_X I HATE HIM. I giggled to myself when the teacher told him to shut it. :D

Sami, a.k.a girl who always talks about little "boyfriend" problems, was talk to Skyler and everyone else around me, so Skyler says "I told Tori to stop flirting with Will, but she told me to stop flirting with you, Sami!!"
as I think -WTF.-
Lauren- Wait, what was she saying to Will?
Skyler- She was all like "Hi, Will."
Sami- Tori needs to understand that you can have other friends who are girls too!!!!!!

And so on. I have to agree with Tori, Skyler does like Sami, but I'm tottaly against them "going out," because it was just start more boy problems about Tyler being jealous or something, etc, etc.

Nothing really.

okay, here's where the thing to worry about comes. It was raining, so ate in our classrooms, so Stephanie, Heather, and I are laughing about this girl Sarah, who we all seriously hate SO MUCH. So right when we were talking about her, our religion teacher walks in, and he obviously here's us. We sit in the front row of the classroom, and we were cracking up and calling Stephanie "A Sarah" and he looked at us weird. I stopped, but Heather and Stephanie continued. I tried hard to break the conversation but it was really, really, funny. ><;
One other little thing happened. I sit in the middle in a three desk row, so when I leave my desk, heather and Stephanie scoot their chairs back, and stick their feet up on my chair so I can't get in. So I stand there for awhile, eventually smacking both of them in their shins (xD;) and then our teacher got mad and told me and some other kid "SIT DOWN!"
I was pissed and them, but they just laughed. I'll get them back.

From what I said, I'm worried, because our teacher tends to me use me as an example...alot....
i.e. Say...Andrea suddenly started doing this...etc.
I was scared he was going to do some lecture about gossping, and use Heather and I as an example. X_x; When I first walked in the class, he was walking towards me, I know it, but someone butt in real quick and started asking him something. x3; I was like thank god. Otherwise, nothing.

Geography, nothing

Fun! =3 I'm the first to get to base, and that's good for me since it was girls vs boys, and I usually NEVER made it to base last year.


Bow Chica Bow Wow.
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Ah, those dumb teachers. [Aug. 29th, 2006|04:11 pm]
[ |The infamous location of the room.]
[ |chipperchipper]
[ |Only Hope- Mandy Moore]

Alright, so first of all I'm pissed because my dumbass Spanish teacher was pissed at me for having my Spanish folder out when I was done with my test. He was pissed and telling me I can't work on Spanish work after a test. I'm like "Shut up, blind dumbass! If you could pay attention for ONE SECOND. I don't beleive that doodling on a peice of paper after a test to pass by thirty minutes was Spanish work. Uh-huh, no. No."


Then in P.E. we were playing Noodle hockey (no doubt something my teacher made up where we hit a ball around with those pool noodles) Well, anyway, this asshat Sudi was swinging her thing EVERYWHERE. I got smacked in the face three times by her, and the last time it her. What bugged me is she didn't even care to apolagize and just smacked everyone up. And most of all, the whale didn't even notice even though it's a rule you have to keep whatever your using to hit it bellow the waist.

She probably thought she was playing golf.

In other news, Tropical Storm Ernesto may save us from the evils of school tommarow. I'm not worried about Ernesto because our house survived Francis, which was an actual hurricane. I enjoyed every bit of it. (If you didn't know, I LOVE the rain). The only thing I hated was at night, how dark it was. I mean, pitch black outside AND in our house? Not to mention our house is pretty average sized, and it has all these columns and crap that look creepy at night. Not to mention we have one of those stone busts in one of the rooms, and it's really weeeeeeeiiiiiiiird. But now we have a generator, so iz all good. Suprising enough, my first hurricane was Francis (considering Charlie decided to turn somewhere and attack my grammy's house***) even though I've lived here in Florida for my whole entire life. I'm the least bit afraid of thunder and lightning**, and the only thing I was worried about were Tornadoes. =P

***- At the time my grandparents were way up in Minnesota at their lake house, luckily. They had a few broken windows, but they weren't there to put boards up or anything. My dad and brother went up there (They live quite a bit away, but still in the same state~) and they fixed them. =3
**- I'm only scared of thunder and lightning if it's one of those really loud crackling ones that come after a closeby lightning..... But luckily if I'm waiting outside I have the common sense to realize if there's a big flash that blinds me for a moment I should run in the house to escape the thunder. o_O

One day it was rainy out, but only slightly, not very thunder-lightning ish, so when it stopped raining I rode my bike to get the mail. We live down a seperate road, and our mailbox is quite far from our house. So I ride my bike there, and when I get back in our driveway, a gigantic crackling thunder came out of absolutely NOWHERE. There wasn't even a flash or anything. There was a hose below my wheel too, and it startled me so much I nearly fell of my bike. o_O;

My entries are getting quite long...I should start putting them behind cuts, but I'll leave that for another day.
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Ew [Aug. 28th, 2006|10:45 pm]
I just remembered something disgusting today.

Lisette was walking around going "Koh-nee-chee-wah!" Exactly how it loks there. Slowly too, like in syllables. It really made me gag.
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Let's just say... [Aug. 28th, 2006|08:55 pm]
[ |cheerfulcheerful]
[ |Christmas Bells- RENT.]

Let's just say I borrowed this from <lj user=Collapse )

I'm awake in the infinite cold.... [Aug. 28th, 2006|06:36 pm]
[ |energeticCOOL. =O]
[ |Only Hope- Mandy Moore]

SCHOOL STINKS. I can barely remember anything I did today. IT'S ALL A BLUR. Seriously, I was that bored. I didn't pay attention to anything. -.-; Overall, nothing really stuck out in my mind today, no hissy fits or anything.

Oh, yeah! When p.e. was over and we were walking back into the locker room, there was some grasshopper-like bug on the door frame. The girl in front of me just went "Ewwwwww" and walked by. I just looked up, went "Ew," softly, just talking to myself. But the girls behind me. Yeah. They start screaming BLOODY MURDER. Seriously. Bloody murder. It was insanely loud, and I was right in front of them. I just yelled "GOD, IT'S JUST A FRICKING BUG. SUCK. IT. UP." I sware, I nearly went deaf. The whale actually came in and yelled at them. (The whale is our gym teacher.)

Otherwise, nothing has happened.

I'm working on the cover of my tmm doujin that I'm working on for Tokyo START. I'm pretty proud of it. It's something about The leftover peices of deep blue trap the girls in their own nightmares, but it all seems like reality, so they don't know.

The cover is of Ichigo and all the girls are sitting or kneeling around her feet. Yeah, they all look sad. =D I'm incredibly proud of Minto. Not really her body, but her hair is just like, AWESOME.

Honest Living, Honest Living, Honest Living [Aug. 27th, 2006|01:07 pm]
[ |Room, yet again.]
[ |contentcontent]
[ |RENT- Christmas Bells]

I'm going shopping with my mother later today and we're going to my favorite resteraunt to eat. My mom doesn't mind bringing me there because the food is great, it's very fast service, and it's pretty cheap. People think the actual resteraunt is gross, but that's because we have two in town, one's really good (The one I go to) and one has horrid bug problems and is gross. o.O;

I plan on buying an inking pen so I don't have to clean up my art as much if I want to cg it~!

I can't beleive I'm already going into my fourth week of school. It seems like just a few days ago I was at open house putting crap in my locker. o_O;

I beleive Mai was banned from the mmf from reading what Anna was saying on her comment on Lani's entry, and I'm pretty happy. I dislike Mai because at one time we were friends, but one time she got all bitchy at my friends because on a seperate forum owned by Ikamashi it was all spammed up and everyone was spamming. The thing is, Ikamashi probably didn't mean for it to be a forum that hundreds would join, in fact, there were only about 15 members, and only about 6-7 who posted. So she got all pissy about how the forum was and the whole time I was thinking "dumbass, if you hate it so much why don't you just leave?"
Anyways, she got real pissed and was being just so rude to my friends and everything. -.-; YEah.
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... [Aug. 27th, 2006|12:32 pm]
When I first redid this LJ, I actually got comments. xD;
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Ha, I own. [Aug. 26th, 2006|01:22 pm]
[ |cheerfulcheerful]

Well, yesterday the only thing that happened was that I was the first one to hit the ball/not get out/make it home in the baseball we played in the gym. Usually it's the other way around. The only one who never makes it home and always gets out. o_O

I was the only one within about 10 other girls who hit it and got to first without getting out. Then people started hitting it and crap~

(It was girls vs. boys)

I got DDR extreme 2 yesterday. It's pretty awesome, I love Boom Boom Dollar, Speed up beethoven, and Butterfly. =D

Darling, be a dear, haven't slept in a year! [Aug. 24th, 2006|04:01 pm]
[ |boredI feel fat.]

Literature we added the word embonpoint to our vocabulary. An odd word. Our vocabulary are words from the books we're reading don't understand. I understand everything is most of my books, I have a large vocabulary. o_o;

Life Science was stupid.

Math we had a time test where we answer 100 subtraction problems in 2 minutes. Only a few of us finished, I was one of them and I got all them right, and won a peice of candy. The next one was a division-multiplication one, with only 64 questions. I was suprised that people missed less on the division and multiplication than they did on the subtraction.

English was dumb.

Lunch we had inside, I basically screwed around with my friends. It was raining hard out. I was pissed because it always rains during class rather than when I'm at home.

Religion was boring.

Geography was stupid.

P.E. We had a free day, we could do anything we wanted with the balls at jump ropes and crap in the closet. At first I was playing scooter catch with my friend. The scooters we have, we sit on and their close to the ground. They're nice. Then we played volleyball. Stephanie was throwing a hissy fit because I was it, the one who throws the ball. And she took my ball from me, and I asked her to give it back. I wasn't all pissy like "GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!" I just said "Give it back." Like, in a monotone voice. -.-; So she gets all pissy with me. If she wants to be it so fricking bad, I mean, get in the line and catch a ball when I throw it at you, you asshat. Then there was this other girl who was standing on the wall who was playing, and she wasn't paying attention and I threw it at her. "wHAAAAAAT THAT DOESN'T COUNT REDO NO WA YHTAT'S LYK NOT FAAAAAAIR." I'm like "WTF. It's your fricking fault you weren't paying attention." So she was all pissy too.

Spanish was just the same. =P

Otherwise, I watched the Silent Hill movie. It was awesome, all I knew they changed were some of the monsters from other games were in it, the mom was searching for Sharon (In the game, Cheryl) rather than the dad, and the dad's name was Henry (or Harry, I can't remember). I don't play the games, I watch my sister play them, but I watch her everytime she plays it so I basically know everything about it. But she hasn't played the first game, so I don't know much about it. I only know the names and about it because of Silent Hill 3.

Anyways, my friend wants to see it, so she might be coming over tommarow and we'll watch it. I thought I was going to be scared, but it was more gory than scary. Wasn't all that gory either, but overall it was a good movie.

I love how they put pyramid head in it. Pyramid Head has to be one of the best antogonists in the game.

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